Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sock knitting

I've never knitted socks before and thought I never would. I always thought why spend so much time knitting something at such a small gauge that's going to be worn on your feet where most people wouldn't see them and that will wear out pretty quickly (if you actually wear them). Well....the pretty Knit Picks felici yarn got to me and so here I am, knitting my first sock. And yes, it is slow going. But it's pretty simple knitting. It's a nice and easy, portable knit project. And I like knitting them for that reason. I can work on them on car rides, which is something I personally can't really do with straight needles. I'm using the Provence colorway and size 1 (2.25 mm) toothpicks, I mean double pointed needles. The needles are ones I bought with the yarn. It's the 6" nickel plated double pointed sock needle set from Knit Picks. I really like them.

I also started a cable pullover. I worked on it pretty steadily then set it aside to knit the socks. It's a pattern from an old 2002 issue of Knit It! magazine knitted in Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. I'm knitting it in the round instead of flat. It's so stiff an bulky that I'm not too enthused
about it. I couldn't bring my self to take a photo. I'm to the point where I've divided the front and backs for the armholes.

And...I knitted this little bird using the free pattern from Berroco. The beak doesn't seem quite right. I think he would look better in blue with a yellow beak as a blue bird like in the pattern. The red yarn is Paton's Classic Merino.