Sunday, March 24, 2013

dusting off the blog

I haven't blogged in a while (years) but just got the urge again...

Some recent projects of mine....

I made this cute little Pup from this pattern:
Craft Project Little Pup at Woman's Day

I made this purse from Little Betty Bag tutorial
I used a chain for the strap (not shown in the photo)

I made this bracelet as a gift major project last fall was the Modern Craft Table from Modern Craft Table

These are photos of it just after completion before it was loaded with tons of crafty goodness. This table took me a big long time to make (think months). I really had no experience building something like this. I'd built an aquarium stand but this was quite different. I'd never used a circular saw or bought real quality lumber before for example so each step took me a long time. I really like the finished item but if I were to do it again I would somehow make it shorter. It's pretty tall. I bought a wooden swivel barstool from Khol's for it. Again, very tall.

I also busied myself last year making fabric wallets, faux cloissone pendants, purses, beaded bracelets, coasters, hair bows, and polymer clay items some of which are for sale at my etsy store

And...I also did two craft shows (neither of which were too successful)

My first craft show set up

My second craft show set up

Good stuff huh?