Wednesday, August 05, 2009

sewing projects

I've been sewing quite a bit since last fall. I'm finally getting around to catching the blog up on all of my recent projects. Last winter I made this red fleece jacket. Pattern: Simplicity 4032 view C size 8. I was pleased with how well it turned out but it is snug. I should have made a larger size.

I also made two pairs of pajamas. First the blue plaid ones from McCall's 4833 view D. 

Then the bright reindeer ones. The top is also McCall's 4833 view D and the bottoms are Simplicity 5877 view D.

Somewhere around that time I also made this robe. Pattern Simplicity 3696 view F.

Then came a vest. McCall's 2270 view C.

A bear. Simplicity 5461 view A.
A lined jacket. Kwik Sew 3085.
Another vest.
 This one more fitted. Simplicity 2633 in denim.

 A summer top made in June. Simplicity 4176, view B, size
10 in linen. I embroidered the design with my embroidery machine
And then at the end of June I made this bag for the fourth of July. It's Simplicity 3822 view A. I used a peanuts character print fabric. Instead of using a fleece interfacing I used a stiff fusable interfacing so it holds it's shape pretty well. The bottom layers got to thick to sew though and I had to improvise.


Diana said...

Hi! I'm working on a jacket from simplicity 4032 - first jacket i've ever made! the sleeves seem really small, and the jacket kind of oversized (so far i'm just pinning it together) was it difficult to attach the collar? I'm looking at all the pieces and just kinda shaking my head...

Jamerson Germanotta said...

OI. eu sou Jamerson Germanotta, sou brasileiro e estou aqui pra dizer que adorei os pijamas. XD