Friday, December 22, 2006

one triangle off the needles

I finished knitting my Shetland Triangle shawl. Here it is hot off the needles before blocking:And here it is blocking:
I skipped the last (purl) row of the edging chart and the last pattern row because I didn't want the points along the edge. I bound off too tightly though and had a hard time stretching the lower edges out to a point. I think I should have gone up a needle size (or even two) to get a loose enough, stretchy enough lower edge. Because of this it's not as long as it could have been I think. Blocking, it is about 64 inches wide along the top edge and 26 inches from top edge to bottom point. I'm worried that when I take the blocking pins out the lower edge will pull back in or curl. I've got my fingers crossed that it will be ok.

I also made this candy cane holder cutie on my embroidery machine.
The pattern is from Embroidery Library. I used white felt for his body. I'm going to make several and put them on some Christmas gifts. Cute huh?

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