Monday, January 15, 2007

Isabeau Purse finally finished

I finally put the finishing touches on my Isabeau Purse.
I had finished most of the knitting a few months ago, then it sat. Yesterday I added the buttonhole strap and started the lining. Today I finished the lining and added the button. I struggled a bit with the lining but it's in there and done.
I used two skeins of Knit Picks Shine Sport in violet, two strands held together, and size 8 needles. I like the feel of this yarn. It's 60% pima cotton, 40% modal. It's very soft (almost too soft) and not hard to knit with (unlike some other cotton yarns). It's a darker deeper violet color than what my photos show. I don't know that I would like it for a wearable garment though because it is a little too drapey and mushy feeling and I'm not sure it would hold it's shape very well. The pattern for the purse is from this site. I modified it slightly to make it narrower from front to back. For the bottom I did 10 rows of seed stitch instead of 16 and then for the sides I picked up 9 stitches along the bottom instead of 15.

I've also finished the knitting on my Wandering Aran Fields cape, and my loon sweater. I just need to block them both, add the buttons to the cape, and assemble the loon sweater.

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sylv said...

So pretty !! The button is very cute too !
I hope you'll send pics for my Gallery..! ;-)
Sylv (aka Chez Plum)