Friday, August 31, 2007

Gypsy Mesh

I want to thank everyone who left comments regarding my Bell Sleeve Jacket. It was really nice to receive them. Thank you.
My blog is one year old now. It doesn't seem like it's been that long. I've knitted more this past year than usual. All of the great knitting sites on the internet have kept me interested.
ve been working on my Gypsy Mesh Pullover. I started this one back in May 2006 and then set it aside until recently. I picked it up again as I had finished my Bell Sleeve Jacket. I was just going to work on it until the yarn for my next project came in. But now that I've gone back to it I want to continue until it is finished. I'm about ten rows from finishing the front. Then I will block the front and backs and sew them together at the shoulders. Then the sleeve stitches get picked up along the edges and knitted down. I'm going to leave the stitches at the top edge live until it is blocked because I'm really guessing on the length. Because this is basically lace, the size will change (stretch) a bunch durning blocking and I want to be able to easily add more (or take away some) length if I need to. I'm really hoping for luck in the sizing of this thing. I really didn't do a guage swatch because of the way the pattern is, and I'm using 100% cotton yarn and it is lace, so..... we'll see what happens.

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