Thursday, September 27, 2007

has anyone else noticed....

Cable Luxe Tunic, pattern featured in the latest Lion Brand Yarn catalog.
Victoria's Secret Cable Sweater, featured in their latest catalog and on their web site.

They are almost identical! The Cable going around the shoulders and chest is identical. The cables running down the front are exactly the same with the spacing between them slightly different. And, the VS sweater has ribbing around the neck while the Lion Brand one has garter stitch. But still.....
I really liked the Lion Brand Cable Luxe Tunic and bought the pattern for it. I was considering knitting it next. Then I saw that VS is selling practically the same sweater. I have a kind of criteria for choosing knitting projects and one of the criteria is that it needs to be something unique and not available to be bought in a store. I don't want to knit something that someone can just go out to a store and buy. Humpf.

edited to add: I guess I'm behind on this one. Evidently this same sweater was put out by Pringle of Scotland (a high end clothing company) almost a year ago. There is a knock off knitting pattern for it out in blogland and on Ravelry. The latest issue of Rebecca magazine #34 even has a similar pattern)

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jmarie said...

THANK YOU I thought I had seen that sweater somewhere else before the lion brand catalog showed up at my door!!