Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A finished Caprice Shrug

I finished this within the past weekIt was my second attempt at a sweater "shrug" for my mom. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision to make it. Unfortunately it's too small for her so I am keeping it myself. It fits me but it is a little tighter around the upper arms than I usually like. I think I will still wear it. I like how it looks.
I used a pattern for the Caprice Shrug from N.Y. yarns. (The pattern used to be available for free from their web site but not anymore.) I used Caron Simply Soft in country blue and size 8 needles. I substituted a seed stitch border for the lower edge and also for around the arms instead of the ruffle one the pattern called for. And I left off the ties and used a decorative pin for the front closure instead. I started on 2/16/07, finished knitting on 3/5/07, and finished seaming on 3/9/07.

When I went to deliver the Caprice Shrug, I was wearing my lace "anthropologie inspired capelet" sweater. Mom really liked it and so now I am going to knit one for her just like it. I just ordered the yarn thru ebay today.

Currently I am knitting a tank top with Moda-Dea Ticker Tape. It was on sale awhile back and I was weak and bought a bunch. It's sat unused for quite some time till last week on a spur of the moment I started on the tank top. I think I started to feel a little guilty about all the yarn I have accumulated and decided I should use it. The pattern is from the free advertising section by Tahki Yarns in the spring/summer 2003 Vogue Knitting. I've only knitted with ribbon yarn once before and that was with Lion Brand Incredible. The ticker tape yarn is quite different. It's softer and has more stretch to it. Unfortunately it has started some slight pilling and fuzzing along the cast on edge and I'm only halfway up the first side. I was disappointed to see that it's not going to hold up very well. I still want to knit the anemoi mittens, the backyard leaves scarf and several other items I've been thinking about for awhile, but these spur of the moment knits have prevented my from them so far. That's ok, I'll get to them eventually.

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Onlyangelika said...

I like it much more than the original :-)
Happy knitting