Monday, July 09, 2007

bell sleeve progress

I've been working on the Vogue Bell Sleeve Jacket. I've got the back done and most of the left front. I changed the bottom edge on the back and front so that it is like the sleeve edge. Problem was that I didn't realize for the front the way the pattern is written you cast on 5 stitches part way up to create a flap. Then, when you do the finishing you pick up stitches at the lower edge and around the front part way up and knit a garter stitch edge band to meet the lower edge of this "flap". I changed the lower edge and am not going to have this garter stitch wrap up the front lower edge. I didn't realize that I'd have to compensate for these 5 missing stitches until I got to the row where you cast them on. So, I had to start over, casting on these 5 edge stitches right at the beginning, then of course not casting any on at the part where it tells you to. Also, I found there is an error in the pattern at row 63 and 65 for the left front. This error is not posted at Vogue's corrections page. If you follow the pattern your stitch count gets thrown off. I figured out the correction for this though and it looks good.

I've also started seaming together my apricot jacket pieces. I sure don't like the seaming process. I wish more patterns were written to be knit in the round, with picked up sleeves knit from the shoulder down in order to eliminate so much seaming. I'm pretty slow at the seaming, so it will be awhile before it is done. I also still need to get buttons for it.

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