Friday, June 29, 2007


I didn't do any knitting yesterday. I made this baseball themed charm bracelet though. It's my first charm bracelet. It's the first time I've made the little beaded dangle things. I used beading head pins and needle nosed plyers. It was tricky for me at first but then I got my technique down. I'd like to make another charm style bracelet in the future with different colors of the beaded dangle things.

I also added a bunch of my old finished knits photos to my flicker pages. I've got a section there for my rose photos also. I plan on eventually having photos of each of my rose bushes there. And I've spotted another sweater I'd like to knit. It's Aguave from Knitter's Summer 2005. I'm considering joining the Tour de France knit a long and going for the green jersey by speed knitting this. I'd have to buy yarn for it thought. I like the color of the one from the magazine and would like to do it in the same yarn and color. I'd have to set aside my Vogue Bell Sleeve Jacket for awhile though. Meanwhile, my additional skein of yarn arrived yesterday so now I will be able to finish up my apricot jacket.

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