Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I wasn't going to knit clapotis. I really wasn't. When I first saw the pattern on knitty.com I wasn't that interested. But I kept seeing photos of other peoples finished clapotis every where I looked in knitting cyberspace. It seemed like every knitting blog and every kitting forum had clapotisis. They were everywhere and multiplying. Then one day I did an about face and was seized with the desire to knit one for myself. After researching yarn I decided upon artyarns supermerino in colorway #108. I was a little concerned that the pink in it would be too much pink and too light. But the yarn that arrived to me looked better than the photo. It is hand dyed and so I know there are variations from batch to batch. I really like the colors. It has a mix of navy, plum, purple, violet and fuchia. I think it's the beauty of the yarn that keeps me knitting, and knitting, and knitting.... Really, this is a huge expanse of knitting. Here it is lounging on my lawn chair.
I added an extra increase repeat because I thought my stitch guage was less than what the pattern called for so my straight rows are something like 118 stitches. The colors of the yarn and the drop stitch rows are what keep me going. I'm addicted to those drop stitch rows. The drop stitch columns cause a wavy undulation in the fabric which is what I think the word clapotis means in french - the lapping waves of water. The pattern is so darn clever. I think the author is a knitting genius to come up with something so unique and clever.

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