Tuesday, September 12, 2006

not enough yarn

Well I've been knitting away on clapotis every free moment I've had. I was so dedicated to it like I was in a race because I was so anxious to finish. I had 7 skeins of the artyarns supermerino 108. I had done a search of the web and seen where others had knit clapotis in 5 skeins. So I got 7 skeins to be on the safe side. I figured I'd could knit some mittens with the extra. Well, there won't be any extra because I'm not going to even have enough to finish clapotis. I'm on repeat number 11 of the straight section and have only one skein left. I need two for the decrease sections (because I used two for the increase sections). Adding that extra increase repeat must have really increased the amount of yarn I'd need. That's the only thing I can figure that would have thrown me so far off, because my guage is right on. So I ordered two more skeins from the same place I got the initial batch from, hoping they would have more of the same lot. They had one skein left. I took it, confident that it would match what I had gotten only a few weeks earlier. It didn't. The shades were very different so that I can't use it. I can't bear ripping out a bunch of my straight rows to have enough to finish. It took so long to knit them and then it would end up way to short so I wouldn't like it and I have a feeling I'd get totally messed up because I'd have trouble picking up the stitches again with the dropped columns in there and all. I got really down about this. I've worked so hard on this project and have been so excited to finish, like no other knitting project and now I worry it may not ever be "right" because I won't be able to get anymore matching yarn. There are no stores even remotely close to me where I could go and actually see this yarn before I buy it, so I have to mail order and cross my fingers I'll eventually get a skein that's a close enough match. (I guess I'll probably end up with a bunch of extra yarn after all) I've got two skeins on their way to me now that I bought from a seller on ebay. I'm hoping that they will be closer (close enough) in shade and color so that I can finish. But I have a bad feeling.
In the mean time I've been working on the Evonne shrug from berroco's web site. My mom brought the pattern over a while ago and said she'd like me to knit it for her. She picked out the yarn, Shetland Chunky by Patons in High Plains Varagated (my apologies to berroco ;) ). I've finished the back and am a quarter of the way thru the left front.

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