Saturday, September 02, 2006


I've made a couple of items from recently. The first were these wristwarmers. They are the "fetching" pattern featured in the summer 06 issue. I used Red Heart Soft in navy with size 4 needles. When I did the thumb I picked up 4 stitches along each edge instead of two. Then I knitted one round, then on the second round I k2tog the two extra stitches on each edge to bring me to the 17 the pattern called for. I wanted more stitches at the base of the thumb so it wouldn't pull and make gaps as much. Then I added an extra round (5 instead of 4) to the thumb to make it a hair longer. They were a pretty quick and easy knit. I started them on 7/8/06 and finished on 7/15/06. They fit perfectly so I am pretty pleased.

The next thing I made from was this cuff bracelett. It is the perdita cuff from the same issue. It took me about a week to make them. I used DMC pearl cotton (one skein) in color #988 with size 1 needles. It was like knitting with toothpicks. I like the beads. The pattern was the lily of the valley one and the beads really make it look like lilys of the valley. I used 10/0 seed beads in a kind of pearl white.

I don't think it's the type of thing that I would wear very often but the pattern looked so intricate and I like the beads in it so I had to make them just to make them. I liked how it turned out and it fits well.

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