Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bell Sleeve sleeve

I started knitting on the Vogue Bell Sleeve Jacket. It's actually a sweater. I don't know why they called it a jacket (probably due to the way it closes with a knitted belt instead of buttons). Anyways, I started on the sleeve and worked quite a bit on it today. Here is my progress. I think my increases are a bit sloppy on the left side. I experimented as I went and got it to where they were better and not as noticeable but I didn't rip back and redo the earlier ones. I just want to keep going at this point. When I'm all done if it bothers me too much I guess I'll re knit the sleeve but for now I'm continuing on. The third knit rib at the cuff doesn't seem to line up in the center with the wide k6 rib and I don't think this is a mistake but I'm not sure. I wish there were more FO pics of this project on the web to look at. I doesn't seem like too many knitting bloggers made this sweater. I like the k3p3 edge and plan on using this on the lower edges of the front and back also instead of the edge the pattern calls for.

Also, I came across this cute cardigan sweater pattern at the garnstudio site. It's Drops design number 88 pattern 4. I like it enough to consider it for a potential future knit. And, I still need to block and assemble my apricot jacket. It also has some sort of crochet edging which I'm a little worried about. My history with crochet is pretty bad. I've checked out more crochet books from the library but when I actually go to do the crochet I get confused and am very clumsy with holding the hook and yarn. I wish someone would publish a good crochet edging for knitters instructional book.

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