Friday, June 08, 2007

apricot jacket sleeves done

I finished the sleeves for my apricot jacket. The little ends of yarn in this photo are all the yarn I have left. I completely used all four skeins to knit this sweater. The sleeves look like they are going to be about two inches too long. I realized this after knitting the first sleeve. I considered ripping back to before the cap shaping and deleting some rows there but decided to just leave it and knit the other sleeve the same. I plan on blocking it and seaming the sleeve to the body then cutting the ends of the sleeves at the appropriate spot. I'll have to be careful to do both sleeves the same way. Then I'll have to unravel and then bind off the edge. The photo of the model wearing this sweater with the pattern shows the sleeves coming down past her wrists and covering part of her hands also and this is how mine is. I don't think I will like long sleeves like that but I hate the thought of getting rid of any of the ribbing section. I don't think its long enough as it is to go along with the ribbing section of the body of the sweater. Maybe I'll leave it as is with the too long sleeves. I don't know yet for sure. I would probably need to use some of the unraveled yarn I get from the sleeve ends to do some of the seaming because I really don't have any more yarn left.

I've also started knitting gauge swatches for my next project. It's not the Nantucket Jacket like I had planned to do next. When the time comes for me to start new projects I always seem to go for something else from what I had been planning. I've decided to do the Bell Sleeve Jacket from the Holiday 2006 issue of Vogue Knitting. I bought some Cascade 220 from Webs when they had their big sale last month. I have yet to successfully knit anything from Vogue. I'm a little concerned about the sizing for this sweater especially of the sleeves. At this point I'm considering making the size small but knitting the next size larger armhole and sleeves. I'm quite thin but I like a fair amount of room around my upper arms for comfort. It seems like this should work although I've never changed a pattern that way before.

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