Thursday, May 24, 2007

apricot problems

I was all happy thinking I had finished the left front of my apricot jacket today until I realized there was a problem. I had interpreted the instructions wrong and I believe I did my decreases in the wrong spot. The instructions I have are the english translation from the original german pattern. They are very abbreviated and vague (to say the least). Actually they were the most clear on how to do the decreases but I did it wrong anyways. I was thinking that if I did them 11 sts in from the edge like it said I would be messing up the 10 stitch pattern, like it would decrease right across it and that they really probably meant to do the k2tog right before the 10 st pattern. But really, it's 11 sts away from the edge the whole way up so it doesn't merge across the pattern but creates a two stitch rib that travels up along the eyelet. So it was kind of a stupid mistake. On the back I had to rip out and redo from the beginning of the armhole shaping to the top edge as mentioned in my previous post because I didn't realize that "every second row" meant every other row (or at least that's what I ultimately decided it meant and it looks right now). Most of this project has been like two steps forward one step back (or more like one and a half steps forward one step back).

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