Monday, May 14, 2007

Prosperous Plum Finished

I've declared my properous plum tank finished.Yarn: 2 skeins Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in color 770 Wisteria
Needles: size 6
Pattern: Prosperous Plum Tank by Joanna
Cohen (I made the smallest size)
Started on 3/16/07, finished knitting 4/2/07.
I finished knitting this a while ago then stalled out on the crabstitch edging around the neck and arms. I started the edging a couple times then took it out, researched crabstitch edging on the internet, tried a couple more times, set it aside for awhile, checked crochet books out of the library, studied crabstitch, then tried again. It was very tedious and I was very clumsy with the crochet hook. I made myself press on. It was slow going and no fun to say the least. When I finally finished it around the first arm hole I didn't like how it looke
d. It seemed too bulky and curled out. So for around the neck edge I picked up stitches and then did a knitted bind off. Than curled out slightly also and I didn't like the look of either edging so I tore them both out. All of this stretched my previously perfectly fitting armholes and staps out of shape. So, my prosperous plum tank will be sans edging.

Also, I did
n't like how the cables on the front in the pattern were kind of parallel instead of mirror images of each other. It didn't look right to my eye. So I flipped the way the cables crossed on one side. On the patterns chart A I crossed my cables to the back (instead of to the front, on chart B I crossed them to the front like the pattern states.)

I like how it turned out (except for that whole edging thing), and I think it fits pretty well. The pattern was well written and clear and I enjoyed knitting it.

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