Wednesday, May 16, 2007

deja vu

Here is the second lace anthropologie inspired cape that I made. I made this one exactly like my first one, except for the button. It's really actually more of a short sleeved cardigan.
Pattern is from here
Yarn: Lion Brand Kool Wool in khaki
needles: size 11 Knitpicks options
started 4/3/07, finished 4/9/07, blocked beginning of May
I casted on 55 stitches, and divided 9 stitches for the front, 9 for the sleeve, 19 for the back, 9 for the second sleeve, and 9 for the other front. I did seed stitch for 8 rows, the pattern for 26 rows, divided for the sleeves, then did 32 rows of seed stitch. Then picked up around the armholes and did 21 rows seed stitch for the sleeves. I and gave this one to my mom for mothers day. It fit well and she seemed to like it.

I think I've become some type of pattern addict. I spend a lot of time looking for potential future knitting projects. A couple of nights ago I came across this lovely Heartland Lace shawl. The pattern is by none other than Evelyn A. Clark, who has become a favorite of mine. The pattern of the lace is buffalo hoof prints. How clever is that! I got the chart via email and am translating it onto graph paper for a chart format that I can more easily follow.

Meanwhile, I've finished the back of my apricot jacket and am now working on the left front. This photo of the back was taken May 11. I had almost finished it on the 5th but decided that I had started the armhole shaping too early, and that I hadn't done it quite right. So I ripped out 44 rows and redid it. The pattern is written in such an abbreviated manner that you really have to think to interpret it at times. I think it looks ok now. I'm a little worried that the bottom ribbing section is too long.

I really do want to stick to just knitting this cardigan until till it's done, but there are other knits that are tempting me right now like that Rowan butterfly dress, the Interweave Nantucket Jacket, and the Heartland lace shawl. I'm going to be placing a yarn order with Knitpicks soon. I can't help myself, I'm weak. I'm thinking Knitpicks Shadow in vineyard for the Rowan butterfly. I'm also going to get some of the Knitpicks Gloss for either the Heartland Shawl or some mittens I've had in the back of my head for some time now (or both). I've been curious about the Gloss for quite awhile now so I'm just going to go ahead and get some finally.

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Oksana said...

Your jacket is looking great so far! Both the pattern and color are very fresh.
I'm knitting my current project with Knitpicks Gloss and I have no complaints so far. The colors are great and the yarn smells divine... However, I read somewhere on Craftster that their yarn is prone to pilling after a wash or two.