Monday, May 28, 2007

apricot fronts done

I reknitted the left front of my apricot jacket and then completed the right front. No more mistakes so far (or at least none that I've discovered). Here's a peak at them both.

I dusted off my old copy of Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore this past week. I got this book years ago when it first came out and really like the beautiful cabled St. Brigid sweater. I haven't knitted anything from this book but I get it out from time to time to gaze at St. Brigid. I've been searching the internet recently for other peoples finished St. Brigid's and it makes me want to get down to finally knitting it myself. I also discovered that this book has become quite a collectors item and that copys of it have sold on ebay for over $200. Guess I could make a lot of money selling it but I'm not going to. Anyways, I would like to knit this sweater. I'm thinking about yarns and colors. I don't want to start it next though. I think my next knit will be the Nantucket Jacket.

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